La capitalisation BTC est supérieure à celle de Visa et Mastercard combinées

The market value of BTC exceeded the capitalisation of the three leading banks in the world

When the price of Bitcoin reached the new ATH, crypto enthusiasts rejoiced. A couple of weeks before that, BTC was trading sideways and then went up.

Now the capitalisation of the cryptocurrency is about 1.026 trillion U.S. dollars. When Bitcoin reached ATH, its capitalisation was higher than that of JPMorgan, Bank of America and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China combined. Bitcoin also exceeds the capitalisation of payment networks Visa and Mastercard.

Bitcoin has reached a trillion in less time than many well-known tech giants. For example, Microsoft's Bill Gates share price is growing three times slower than Satoshi Nakamoto's cryptocurrency.

In comparison with gold, Bitcoin is still losing. The market value of precious metals is still higher than that of BTC. However, Bitcoin already accounts for 45 percent of gold held as an investment asset and 10% of the total gold reserve. It's amazing!

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