Bitcoin a fait un pas vers l'adoption massive

Guys from the investment bank Citigroup (USA) are confident that the fate of Bitcoin will be decided in the near future

Judging by the charts, the first cryptocurrency in the near future may become the dominant asset for international trade. If this does not happen, a powerful "speculative explosion" will follow.

Mass distribution of cryptocurrency, according to Citigroup, is more likely. Especially after the purchase of cryptocurrency by such giants as Tesla and Mastercard. This is also facilitated by an increase in the number of developments in the field of digital currencies, CBDC, Staplecoins.

The news came just in time. BTC experienced a fall at the weekend. Its price fell below $44,000. With a subsequent consolidation of $3000. If the prophecy of analysts comes true, it will open the way for Bitcoin to the new ATH.

Today, the impediment to plans is insufficient global regulation. If this issue is resolved, it will be possible to get rid of volatility and increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

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