Les frais de transaction moyens montent en flèche à 47 $

Commissions for financial transactions with the main cryptocurrency on the market soared to $47. The reason for this was the collapse of the bitcoin rate.

While some traders run to "dump" their stocks at the current price, others joke about the "discount season" for bitcoin. After the main cryptocurrency lost 15% in value overnight, dropping to $52,600 on Binance, about 130,000 transactions were stuck waiting for confirmation on the network. The average commission for a financial transaction was at 47, which is three times more than in early April, when the commission cost users an average of $15.50.

Blockchain critic David Gerard said on his Twitter account that the workload is related, among other things, to the number of traders who decided to “run out”.

One of the traders from QCP Capital said that the crash could be related to rumors about the potential prosecution of large-scale financial structures for laundering digital currencies by the US Treasury. If the rumor turns out to be true, it should come as no surprise that traders are rushing to sell their "crypto holdings."

The situation was only worsened by a sharp power outage in the province of China Xinjiang, where dozens of centers of "miners" of cryptocurrencies are located. Fewer active miners higher transaction fees. In addition, the hash rate dropped from 145 EH/s on April 16 to 105 EH/s the very next day. Over the past 24 hours, the indicator managed to level off by 9.78% and now stands at 129.74 EH/s.

While some traders run to buy “on the bottom”, others are selling off their wealth. What to do in this situation is up to you. But given the fact that now the main cryptocurrency has already restored its price to $56,630 on Binance, the discounts will not last long

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