4 géants de la technologie ont acheté 66% du BTC extrait depuis août

Four large companies have joined the bull market of Bitcoins. Since August 2020, they have bought up 66 percent of all Bitcoins

Among them are three American (MicroStrategy, Square, Tesla) and one Chinese company (Meitu). Year-on-year, they purchased 40% of the new Bitcoins (133,000 BTC).

Microstrategy has about 90,000 BTC in the piggy bank. In dollar terms, it's $5 billion. At the time of the purchase, these tokens were worth $2.1 billion to Square 3,318 BTC, equivalent to $184 million. Meitu bought 330 BTC for $18 million.

Due to this demand, many world giants plan to buy Bitcoin. For example, the Norwegian holding Aker has already stated its desire to invest $60 million in the first cryptocurrency. The current champion MicroStrategy will also continue to invest in Bitcoins.

So far, mining activity can meet the growing consumer demand. About 144 blocks are mined per day, with 900 BTC mined. The number of coins per month reaches 27,000 BTC.

The reduction in mining remuneration is expected in 2024, when instead of 6.25 BTC miners will be given half less. This means that the number of coins mined each month will be reduced to $13,500. It seems that everyone who wants to buy Bitcoin should hurry up.

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