Quand Satoshi Nakamoto deviendra-t-il l'homme le plus riche du monde?

The higher Bitcoin rises, the more people are interested in the personality of Satoshi Nakamoto. So, at what point will a mysterious stranger who created the main cryptocurrency on the market become the richest man in the world?

To date, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is considered the richest man with a fortune of 179.3 billion dollars. Elon Musk, who owns about 20% of the electric car market, came close to him. But what is Satoshi Nakamoto's list of rich people if Bitcoin continues to grow?

The exact figures of his condition still remain very vague, as well as the personality of the cryptocurrency genius. According to rough estimates, Nakamoto managed to extract more than 1 million Bitcoins between January and July 2009 alone. That is, if he still owns them, his approximate fortune is $54 billion. Thus, to overtake the richest person in the world, the creator of the main cryptocurrency must wait for the value of the asset to hit $182,000. At that point, his fortune will reach $182 billion.

The main issue remains the reality of Bitcoin achieving such a value. And although the forecasts of experts are different - from $80,000 to several million for 1 BTC, the most realistic is the stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, formulated by an economist known on Twitter under the nickname @100trillionUSD or PlanB. According to him, the cost of the main crypto asset will rise from $100,000 to $288,000 by the end of 2021.

Stock-to-Flow is a formula that takes into account that the ratio between the stock, inflow and market value of Bitcoin has a regularity. And the chance that the connection between them is caused by random factors, if not equal, then very close to zero.

In the fall of 2020, PlanB announced that if Bitcoin grows to $288,000 by the end of 2021, Satoshi Nakamoto's fortune will break the $288 billion mark. Which will leave Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos far behind.

It is a pity that it is not yet known whether the mysterious "Japanese" who turned the market upside down, is a specific person or whether it is a whole group of people.

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