Ensemble d'offres en circulation de Tether ATH: 60 milliards de jetons

The number of USDT Tether Stablecoin coins has passed another milestone. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency's circulating offer is above $60.71 billion

Most USDT is released on TRON. Because this blockchain charges a minimum fee of 1 TRX when transferring coins. And on Ethereum, the average commission for May 25, according to Bitinfocharts, is $9.58, and on May 12, this figure reached $70.



Now the digital asset is in third place in top cryptocurrencies. Only Bitcoin and Ethereum are ahead. It is presented on 10 blockchains. UsDT coins will also be launched on the Avalanche platform shortly.

According to Tether's representative, Paolo Ardoino, stablecoins are traditionally in high demand during high volatility in the cryptocurrency market. In May 2021, the conditions were right, and interest in USDT increased. This led to an increase in the circulating supply.

Recall also that in addition to Tether (USDT) on the crypto market are such large stablecoins as BUSD (stablecoin of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance), Paxos, TUSD, Dai and HUSD.

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