Liste des altcoins «dorés» selon le trader Michaël van de Poppe

The world's leading cryptocurrency trader Michael Van de Poppe has updated his preferences in altcoins

The list of his favorites for the next couple of weeks includes coins that are not much promoted on social networks, but can make a pair of X in a short time.

According to the trader, these coins can become more profitable due to low cost and rapidly growing popularity. Their risk-to-earnings ratio is much better than when investing in promoted altcoins.

Van de Poppe was the first to single out the KAVA project. The value of cryptocurrency in the near future may grow four times. The coin broke the support level of 0.000065 BTC and is currently trading at 0.0001119 BTC, and may soon fly up to 0.00044 BTC. This will bring a good profit.

The second cryptocurrency you can pay attention to is Swipe (SXP). Paired with BTC, a basic graph similar to KAVA is being created. The coin is clearly undervalued according to Van de Poppe. Its price is 90 percent below ATH.

The third coin - Wanchain (WAN) - also now has a price much lower than the previously reached maximum. The fourth coin has the same prospects - Litecoin (LTC). It is still under the influence of bearish sentiment.

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