JewCoin Dao : le premier écosystème casher

The Minister of Finance of Israel received the first certificate from nft jewcoin dao. From a meme cryptocurrency to the first kosher ecosystem.

The kosher JewCoin project literally bursts into the decentralized finance market, having received significant support in the Jewish community and many reputable rabbis!

A team of real professionals in the blockchain industry managed to transfer the Jewish commandments to the blockchain. In fact, another seemingly memorable cryptocurrency in the form of JewCoin has grown into the first kosher multifunctional ecosystem. The First Kosher DAO Ecosystem (JewDAO). The idea was based on the unique digital NFT collection The First Digital NFT Torah.

The first certificates that give the right to own NFT Digital Hamsa from the JewCoin project have already been received by Israeli figures and politicians. For example, the general director of the NDI party, "Our Home Israel" Inna Zilbergerts, as well as Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman.


The first NFT certificates from JewCoin DAO. (on the right, the general director of the NDI party Inna Zilbergerts).


The first NFT certificates from JewCoin DAO. (on the right, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman).


Kosher token JewCoin.

The main unit of account of the ecosystem, JewCoin (JEW) cryptocurrency. The token gives holders the right to vote in JewDAO, is used for farming, staking, and also allows you to buy collectible NFT crypto amulets. Unlike most coins in the decentralized finance market, the JEW token has rug-pull stability, within which 5% of all transactions are returned to liquidity pools to all holders with a 40-year lock. That ensures the safety of investors' funds! It is noteworthy that the total emission of JewCoin tokens is 17 million, in accordance with the population of Jews around the world.

The purchase of a token is possible on thedecentralized platform PancakeSwap


NFT crypto amulets.

The main ideology of JewCoin DAO is the archiving of sacred scriptures and the tokenization of the cultural heritage of the Jewish people using innovative technologies. And the blockchain plays an important role here, since the technology is able to protect them from any changes, at the same time, providing people with wide financial and user opportunities.

The Main Digital NFT Torah Collection includes a range of products. It is based on the commandments of the Torah in the amount of 613 units and the main crypto-amulets NFT Digital Hamsa. Also, the NFT collection from JewCoin will contain songs, poems, stories, books, prayers and much more. The release of separate NFT Mezuzah, NFT Savivon is planned.


It is worth noting that NFT Digital Hamsa crypto-amulets have 3 types:

1. Simple NFT Digital Hamsa, which can be bought on NFT-platforms at a price of 0.1 ETH or received for buying and holding at least 7 units of JEW tokens for 30 days on your account. wallet.

2.signed by reputable rabbis NFT Rabbi Hamsa, which can be bought on NFT platforms for the price of 1 ETH or received for free for activity useful to the community. For example, for a supporting post on social networks and keeping it for 30 days without deletion.

3. Unique NFT Blessed Hamsa worth 10 ETH on NFT platforms that contains Cohen's blessing.


Charity and tithing concept.

The entire tokenomics of JewCoin is built on the Jewish concept of tithing (מעשר ראשון) (ma'aser rishon). The total JEW coin supply is split at 10% and locked for various tasks. In addition, part of the working capital is sent to liquidity pools to maintain the project's performance, preserve the value of JewCoin (JEW) and the entire collection produced by NFT. Here it is worth noting that 10% is sent to synagogues, for the development of Jewish projects, as well as in support of the entire Jewish people!

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