Dogecoin atteint un nouveau record absolu

The course of one of the main "memes'' of the crypto world has overcome its historical maximum. Dogecoin has grown more than 50% today, reaching a price of $0.1425 per token, and its capitalization exceeded $17 billion. At the time of writing, the "dog coin" is trading at $0.1201 on Binance.

You can treat the Shiba Inu memes as you like, but you cannot close your eyes to the fact that the coin, conceived as a joke, was able to gain a foothold in the top twenty of CoinMarketCap. Over the week, the token added 122% in value, which provided it with a pass to the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

Of course, the main DOGE fan, Elon Musk, could not pass the news. But instead of an enthusiastic slogan “To the moon,” he shared a regular GIF with a smiling Shiba Inu.

With the market now under the influence of bulls, and Coinbase's listing on the Nasdaq is getting closer, the hype around the top altcoins is also increasing. Plus, the playful DOGE cryptocurrency has a lot of popular fans that draw close attention to it. Such as Musk, Snoop Dogg, Gene Simmons and others. And in social networks, topics about Dogecoin are constantly replenished with thousands of messages. The only threads on Reddit that managed to bypass r / Dogecoin were CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin.

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