DOGE a augmenté son prix de 154%, mais n'a pas atteint 1$

Dogecoin (DOGE) is trading 154% higher. Retail investors actively looked at it after the GameStop (GME) project began to grow

The price rise, as usual, was influenced by the blogosphere. The head of the WSB asked the guys at Dogecoin when DOGE will finally have $1 each. The tweet instantly went viral, as the similar photo linked the WSB account to the popular WallStreetsBets subreddit.

Despite the fact that the description for the Twitter account says that there is no connection between him and the subbreddit, many do not think so. Considering that the WallStreetsBets subreddit was actively promoting GameStop, users concluded that a repetition of the situation is possible with Dogecoin.

Through the efforts of private investors who supported GameStop in the early stages at a loss, the price of the project's shares rose from $17.7 to $380, followed by a slight correction to $355.

Investors in Dogecoin (DOGE) have decided to rally to drive the price of their cryptocurrency upward and it worked. The DOGE price came out of a protracted fall and rose from the level of 0.0077 to $0.0131. The overall increase was 154%. However, the $1 goal was not met.



This is not the first attempt. Earlier, in 2020, the coin was actively promoted on TikTok. One of the users of the cryptosphere asked others to buy DOGE, bringing the price of the cryptocurrency to $1 and everyone got rich.

The video went viral. Many laid out $25 for 10,640 DOGE in order to get more than $10,000 in profit after growing to $1 per token. The TikTok price pump has raised the price of the cryptocurrency, but like this week, the coin hasn't made much progress towards its cherished goal. Still to come???