Chia chute de 60% après le début du trading sur les bourses

Chia, which was intimidated by all hard drive sellers, became available on several cryptocurrency exchanges this night. Now users of the Gate io, Bibox, OKEx, and MXC trading platforms will be able to buy and sell XCH tokens.

The surge in the rush of prices was very expected since miners have long begun to buy up all large-volume drives in China on the eve of the launch of the “eco-cryptocurrency”. However, in fact, at peak times, prices on OKEx reached $2,500, after which they quickly fell to the current level of $700. On Gate io, the maximum price for XCH tokens was even less than $1,560, and now the coin is sold for $748 on this exchange.

Now the total amount of disk space that the Chia network "consumes" is more than 2.10 exabytes, and the amount of mined coins has already exceeded 460,000 tokens. As for the trading volume, it exceeded $25.38 million only on this day. It is not yet known whether the appearance of the coin on the market will lead to an even greater deficit of carriers, but the coin has already “achieved” a local deficit in China.

Will Chia be able to change the “rules of the game” in the world of cryptocurrencies with its innovative Proof-of-Space consensus algorithm, or will it just go to the margins of history for other ambitious but unused projects?

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