Colby Brock et Heard Well : Genesis Art

Colby Brock is a social media star who is one-half of the YouTube duo, Sam and Colby.

Their hilarious exploration videos, which often see the pair trekking through haunted locales, garner over 10 million views every month. Together with the music label Heard Well, Brock has dropped his first collection on Crypto.‌com/NFT.

This drop includes 3 audiovisual collectibles featuring the song 'Egokill' by Connor Mason and artwork by Jacob Hylton, with art direction by Brock himself.

Each NFT is paired with exclusive memorabilia, including postcards, autographed prints, and skull pins. The collector of the 1-of-1 “Genesis Art: Level 3” NFT will also receive a written message from Brock, and a 15-minute private Zoom session with him to discuss the creation of this piece.

Dedicated to Brock’s fans who share his love of the macabre, “Colby Brock x Heard Well: Genesis Art”  brings together creative minds, and is a meaningful representation of the talented influencer. Live now! 

You can register and start earning with here.

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