Ford is Developing a System of Information Exchange between Vehicles Based on Blockchain

The American car manufacturer Ford has filed a patent for a device for communication between vehicles, which includes the exchange of tokens to reduce traffic congestion. According to the Ford patent application of the 16th of September, 2017, traffic jams are caused by "the psychology of human drivers who focus on their individual travel time preferences." The patent proposes a way to avoid it through a system called "Cooperatively Managed Merge and Pass" (CMMP), Сointelegraph reports. The application discusses the possibility for vehicles with communication models and cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) to connect with other vehicles through the exchange of CMMP tokens. For example, one car can "occupy slower lanes of traffic" or allow another car "merge into their own lane and pass as necessary". The cars that sacrificed their time, letting other cars go first, will receive tokens from other participating vehicles. It is noteworthy that it is also planned to create a kind of "time exchange" on the basis of the system where drivers can use a different number of tokens depending on the degree of necessity. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: