Forbes Releases the “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies” List
Forbes rankings and lists of the best companies in various spheres and the most influential people of the world are one of the most prestigious and reliable ones, and those who make it there can be really proud. We have already reported on the list of the best 50 companies in the fintech industry. Today we will present to you the list of businesses with the overall revenue of no less than 1 billion dollars that apply the blockchain technology in some way. The list has a juicy name - “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies”. The companies which made it into the list operate in various field of human activity, from food supply chains to banking operations; from security system upgrades to risk management; insurance; healthcare; payment systems; e-commerce and many others. The interesting fact is that the blockchain technology and its adoption developed in a completely different way that its creators initially intended it to. It is not necessarily bad, at the dawn of any technology, nobody can predict for sure how it is going to develop.  
While many crypto­currency idealists fantasize about a global, public network of individuals connected directly and democratically, without middle­men, these companies are building private networks they will use to profit from centralized management,” is mentioned in the article of Forbes.
Among the “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies”, we see quite a few familiar names: Internet giants Google and Facebook, payment firms Visa and Mastercard, tech leaders Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the crypto payment platform Ripple. financial institutions Nasdaq and JPMorgan Chase and many others. The abovementioned firms, located in the cities of the United States, Europe and Asia, use blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum, IBM, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple technologies etc. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: