Forbes Names the List of the Most Influential Fintech Companies

Financial technologies have been rapidly evolving during the last couple of years. In 2018 alone, the industry raised the funds in the amount of 12.4 billion. That is why this is a golden niche for companies to develop and startups to grow.

Recently, Forbes came out with a compilation of the most thriving companies in the fintech industry that have the most potential. We have already mentioned the rating briefly. Today we will present to you three companies that we found appropriate in a bit more detail.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange, based in San Francisco. It offers exchange services between BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and ETC and fiat currencies in 32 countries all over the world. Transaction and storage of Bitcoin is available in 190 countries.

The company is actively expanding by purchasing startups, creating new services for its customers and creating new trading pairs.


Ripple Labs is another fintech giant, also from San Francisco. It is a cryptocurrency platform which specializes in payment and exchange protocols, as well as cross border transactions. The platform supports tokens backed up by fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, exchange goods etc.

The Ripple technology is widely used by major financial and industrial establishments all over the world, one of the being American Express.

Moreover, the Ripple token XRP was one of the most successful coins in the rating during the crypto price collapse.


Circle is a Bitcoin startup, backed by a major bank Goldman Sachs, located in Boston,

Massachusetts. Nowadays, it has evolved into a global fintech company which offers four main products: Circle Trade, Circle Invest, Circle Pay and its recent addition – the crypto exchange Poloniex.

Furthermore, Circle has launched its very own stablecoin –  a cryptocurrency backed up by the US dollar.

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