For the First Time, Doctors Could Cool a Person Down to Suspended Animation State
The USA scientists have been able to bring a person into a state of artificial clinical death by temporarily replacing the blood with a special saline solution. Doctors from the University of Maryland were able to enter a critically ill person into a state of suspended animation. Such a procedure is necessary only for people with extremely severe injuries caused by cold steel or guns. In such cases, doctors have only a few minutes to save a person from imminent death. And to minimize the damage from blood loss, a person must be placed in a state of artificial death giving the doctors more time to carry out the necessary procedures. How does this happen? Initially, the patient’s body is cooled to a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, after which blood is pumped out of it and replaced with a special solution. This gives additional time to save a life, after which this process is carried out in the reverse order: they return the person to the usual temperature of 36.6 degrees and restart the heart. In the future, this will significantly reduce mortality from gunshot wounds.