FlyMining: Mine Bitcoins Without Harming Our Environment

It is rare these days that you meet responsible people, especially around cryptocurrency community. Most people here are attracted by huge profits and anonymity, both of which do not provoke the best within us.

That’s why we are so glad to introduce you to the guys from FlyMining – an honest and responsible cloud mining provider. Honesty and and responsibility are not empty words to them.

Cryptocurrency mining is still the most popular and effective way of getting hold of digital assets. Bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins are mined every single day by individual entrepreneurs and huge enterprises all over the world. However, it’s all fun and games until we actually think how much damage the process of mining can bring, while this damage can even exceed the profits. Mining already occupies 1% of the total electricity usage on the planet, and this number is only going to grow, unless some measures are taken. The excessive use of computing powers to mine cryptocurrencies leaves an indelible mark on our ecology and this issue has to be solved if we want our children to live on a safe and healthy planet.

The FlyMining cloud mining platform provides with a chance to engage in cloud mining which will make your life way easier, because you will not have to worry about paying electricity bills, fixing the equipment, buying special technical tools and much more.

What is FlyMining all about?

You see it from the first sight, and after a few days with the service you definitely feel that FlyMining is all about responsibility, honesty and transparency.

It all starts on the landing page. You are told that FlyMining is an innovative solution which is going to make mining eco-friendly as much as it is possible. There are some photos and videos of how they do it. However, this is only a start.

After a few days with the service you get a feel of why these guys claim to be honest and responsible. There are widgets in your account such as “my income today in USD”, “% of investment already returned”, “detailed income/expense bill”. Instead of beating around the bush FlyMining always gives you straight numbers.

The same goes with paying for electricity. All other services deduct electricity fees from your mining income at any BTC/USD price they want, scalping your profit each day. FlyMining allows you to pay for electricity directly with USD or EUR, so you sell your Bitcoins at the price you want!

And last but not the least, FlyMining has live webcams all over the place pointed at the equipment. You always know that equipment you paid for is there and working.

Advantages of FlyMining

  • it provides the customers with the best equipment and the fastest computing powers possible;
  • you can withdraw your mined assets immediately;
  • there are no hidden commissions at any stage;
  • the actual fee is always fixed and quite low – 10 times lower than at Bittrex;
  • the fee can be paid in fiat currencies, so that your BTC stay with you;
  • the process of mining can be observed and checked by everybody with the help of surveillance cameras which makes the project totally transparent;
  • there are open-ended and monthly subscriptions at very reasonable prices;

Pricing and plan details

1TH/s lifetime plan costs only 175 dollars, while a monthly plan for 1TH/s is just 10 bucks. Moreover, you can switch from a monthly to a lifetime subscription at any time. Want to mine something less ASIC-dependent? The guys offer 1-year Ethereum mining contracts at $7 for 1MH/s with electricity included in price.

If you are interested in more details on this awesome project or you are ready to start mining, visit the official website of FlyMining.

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