Opera Raised $50 Million in Financing for The Africa Mobile Payments Development
The company Opera has created a startup for mobile payments OPay, which has already attracted about $50 million in funding. The main investors of OPay are Sequoia China, IDG Capital, Source Code Capital, and other companies. It is worth noting that Opera also joined the financing of its own startup. At first, the project will deal with the development of digital finance in Nigeria, by the way, it is the most populated country on the African continent. OPay will also support Opera’s growing commercial network in this country, which includes several services:
  • ORide - the application for riding a motorcycle;
  • OFood - food delivery service.
Opera pays great attention to the African direction, as their browser is the second most popular in this country after Google Chrome for the last 4 years. Investment of 50 million US dollars in this project has great importance for the development of the economy and technology ecosystem of this poor region. We want to remind: https://thecoinshark.net/blockchain-web-browser-opera-touch-is-available-at-app-store/