Apple Prepares the Global Issue of Credit Card
The Apple Card was released a few months ago and may soon become available not only in the United States - CEO Tim Cook said. Unfortunately, it was impossible to issue an Apple Card in different markets at the same time, because Apple needed time to find reliable partners. Recall, Apple entered into agreements with Goldman Sachs to launch the card in the United States. An Apple credit card is both physical and digital. It does not require a number, does not have a CVV code, expiration date or owner`s personal signature. It provides instant loan approval, zero commission for delayed payment or exceeding the limit and daily cash back upon purchase. An interesting feature of the Apple Card  - it changes its color depending on the purchase history. It uses machine learning technologies to turn shopping statistics into visual charts of the user's financial habits. Originally, it looks like a white rectangle on the smartphone screen, but each purchase adds a colorful spot of a certain color. Each category of goods and services has a corresponding shade. For example, if you pay the Apple Card for transport and hotel tickets, it starts to turn green, shopping in stores adds yellow tones, etc.