23 Texas Cities Hit by Ransomware
According to the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) information, last Friday, 23 small Texas cities were hit by a coordinated ransomware attack, which was carried out by "one single threat actor". According to a Texas DIR spokesperson, most targets are specific departments in cities. Note that he refused to clarify the names of these towns, saying that he did not want the “impacted entities” to become victims of other bad actors. It is unclear how these cities solve this problem, but according to unconfirmed information, they do not intend to pay the ransom. It is difficult to understand how serious this attack was without additional information. At first glance, the coordinated actions of hackers who unsettled departments of 23 cities are certainly worrisome. But since we do not know the full extent of the damage done to the affected agencies, or whether they will pay, we need to wait until Texas DIR tells more about what happened, and only then we will draw conclusions.