Visa will make it easier for customers to access cryptocurrencies

Digital payments company Visa today announced to customers that they can benefit from help to enter the cryptocurrency space. They will be able to get an expanded list of services related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The new service will be provided under the Global Cryptocurrency Advisory Practice program. It will be of interest not only to financial institutions, but also to private traders.

The company took such a step, having noticed significant changes in the interests of customers. Based on the results of 2020, they not only often experimented with cryptocurrency investments, but even developed roadmaps and launched their products. This was stated by the head of the consulting and analysis department of Visa.

The representatives of the payment giant also substantiated their decision to open consultations on cryptocurrencies with the results of a recent study. It turned out that almost ⅓ of the respondents own cryptocurrencies, and 62% of them have increased their investments over the past 12 months.

Also, 81% of respondents have a need for cryptocurrency cards that could be used to pay in retail stores in the same way as with a debit or credit card. This also influenced VISA's decision.

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