Two bars were put up for sale in New York for BTC

Patrick Hughes, the owner of the Hellcat Annie's and Scruffy Duffy's bars, offers to buy them with Bitcoin or Ethereum. The costs have been determined. In bitcoins, the purchase will pull 25 BTC, and in Ethereum, 800 tokens

According to Patrick Hughes, he doesn't want to sell real estate for dollars. Since this currency is not stable. But cryptocurrencies are “on fire”.

The seller plans to catch one of those cryptocurrency moneybags that have always wanted to own a bar. Having received such crazy money on the rise in the price of cryptocurrency, someone may well afford to spend on their hobby.

Despite the adoption of cryptocurrencies, real estate sales for bitcoins are still rare. Here is one interesting example.

In 2018, the Chinese meat seller Guo Hongcai withdrew his bitcoins and sold them in the United States. Then he bought several properties. Among them is a mansion near San Francisco.