The upcoming MetaMask airdrop increased user flow to the Polygon network by 350%

Cryptocurrency lovers know very well that an airdrop is an opportunity to make a profit without investment. Considering the weight of the MetaMask wallet in the cryptocurrency market, many users of the Polygon and Ethereum networks are waiting for the distribution of assets from its creators.

It is worth noting that the digital wallet team did not officially announce the distribution of tokens. However, this did not prevent the increase in the activity of the exchange of funds amid rumors about this event.

Since October this year, the number of users in networks integrated with MetaMask has grown. Many projects on Polygon and Ethereum are in great demand. According to analysts at Delphi Digital, the number of MetaMask users on the Polygon network rose 350% in November.

For example, on November 6, 2021, 2 thousand unique MetaMask users registered on Polygon, and six days later this figure reached 9 thousand daily registering people. So will there be an airdrop?

At the end of the summer, the MetaMask community was actively discussing the project of issuing its own token. So far, there is no official start date for the project, but this topic is being actively discussed on social networks. Many prominent figures in the cryptosphere are participating in the debate.

Thanks to the increased activity, MetaMask is receiving increased income. A 0.875% commission is charged on every transaction on his network. In 2021 alone, the expected cryptocurrency revenue will exceed $ 200 million.

Despite the fact that MetaMask's revenue does not look very significant against the background of the total income of the cryptosphere, it is still higher than that of other large projects, including those from the DeFi sphere.

For example, the SushiSwap decentralized exchange earned only $ 70 million in 11 months of this year, and the Curve Finance platform earned $ 12 million.

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