The Israeli public supported the CBDC project

The Bank of Israel has summed up the results of a public survey of parties interested in launching a digital shekel. The majority supports the project, but opinions regarding confidentiality among the respondents differ.

Representatives of different sectors took part in the survey. A total of 33 responses were received. At the same time, 16 responses came from abroad, and 17 from representatives of the Israeli Fintech community.

According to most, the digital shekel will increase competition in the payments sector. This is a significant plus. However, not everyone agrees that the national bank's cryptocurrency should be anonymous. Many believe that KYC will help fight money laundering, make oversight easier, and make the CBDC project more practical.



Commenting on this issue, a representative of the PR firm MarketAcross noted that according to the majority of community members, the introduction of the digital shekel, even with KYC, will still stimulate the adoption of digital assets. But in his opinion, as Elad Mor admitted, the distribution of digital assets to the masses should begin with institutional and state participation.

Recall that the idea of ​​creating a CBDC has been considered by Israel since 2017. However, a year later, the project was frozen, as the researchers noted that at that time no state had launched a national cryptocurrency.

In May 2021, the project was reactivated, and in March 2022, Israel's central bank noted that the launch of the digital shekel does not pose a threat to the country's economy or banking system.

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