Switzerland Launched A Service To Test The Banks Tolerance To Cryptocurrencies

Representatives of Aximetria, a crypto company from Switzerland, presented a unique AxiCheck service, which can check the likelihood of a bank account being blocked during a transaction with cryptocurrencies.

New Service - AxiCheck

The company said that the product is based on global statistics on operations with cryptocurrencies in 80 different countries of the world.


To use the AxiCheck service there is no need to register or enter personal data:

“To check the card, the user just needs to indicate its first six digits. This is the issuer's unique BIN, which contains information about the bank, country of issue, payment system, and card level,” Aximetria informed.

Card classification

After verification, the card will be assigned one of four ratings:

  • “100% crypto” - the card is perfect for operations with digital assets.
  • “A card is ready to become crypto” - a card with a high degree of probability is suitable for such operations.
  • “The card is only 50% ready for cryptocurrencies” - there may be problems with the withdrawal.
  • "Card is outdated" - it is not recommended to perform operations with cryptocurrency.

Representatives of the company assure that due to the fact that their service has a huge database, it works as accurately as possible.

Real test

The service could not recognise the test card of the largest bank in Ukraine “PrivatBank”. It did not have data for this region.

But we checked again and performed the test using another bank of this country, “Monobank”, so we got an encouraging result - “100% crypto”.

That is, if you live in Ukraine and want to make transactions with digital currencies, then it is better to give preference to Monobank.

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