SBI Holdings (Japan) rescues Ripple

Japanese company SBI Holdings released a statement on Monday in which it calls XRP - a cryptocurrency asset, not a security

Not everyone supports the point of view of the American regulator on Ripple tokens. A partner of a cryptocurrency project from Japan - SBI Holdings emphasized the status of a cryptocurrency, calling it an asset.

In its statement, SBI cites research conducted by the Nomura Institute. It says XRP is a crypto asset, not a security, under Japanese law.

Let's remind that the situation with XRP is ambiguous. Last week, the SEC filed a lawsuit against the creators of the cryptocurrency, accusing them of an unauthorized release of $ 1.3 billion in securities.

Against the background of this news, many crypto exchanges delisted the XRP token or suspended trading. Among them are Bitwise, Bitstamp, OSL. It is gratifying that not everyone did this, and XRP still has a chance to recover its positions.