SBI Holdings bought British B2C2 trading platform

The Japanese holding SBI Group, which bought the TaoTao crypto exchange in October acquired a B2C2 digital asset trading platform. The deal will allow SBI to strengthen its position in the crypto market, as well as attract more institutional investors

According to B2C2 CEO Philippe Gillespie, there are not many places today where you can buy large amounts of BTC or ETH. Working through B2C makes this process easy. The platform allows large financial players to buy as much cryptocurrency as they wish. This is very beneficial for institutional investors.

The deal between B2C2 and SBI Group was approved by the regulator in less than 6 months. This speaks in favor of the recognition by Japanese regulators of the potential of the crypto market.

The final cost of the deal was not disclosed. But it is known that SBI now owns 90% of the shares of the digital asset trading platform.