Pension funds pumping money through Grayscale

In the early days of his appointment, Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein revealed that pension and trust funds are active investors in BTC

The fact that hedge funds are not the only ones joining in means the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument for profit. But even better, the size of the funds allocated by pension funds is constantly growing.

For Grayscale customers, this means continuous profit growth. The investment giant currently owns about three percent of all bitcoins in circulation. The fund's management continues to accumulate digital currency as more investors are interested in BTC.

The total assets under Grayscale management across 10 different products exceeded $27 billion. The bulk of the funds ($ 3 billion) are held by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Another $3.6 billion goes to the Ethereum trust. Another $339 million in Digital Large Cap Fund.