More than a third of UK financial companies make crypto payments

Mercuryo payments network conducted a survey of its customers' activity and found that 34% of UK financial companies make payments using blockchain technology.

A company representative noted that there is a growing interest in crypto payments among customers and service providers. Therefore, in a couple of years, users of the UK financial sector will be able to pay for goods and services with fiat currency or digital assets of their choice.

A similar trend exists in the global cryptocurrency market. It hasn't gone unnoticed by other big financial companies like Visa or Revolut.

They plan to introduce value-added services using digital assets as a means of payment. This heralds a new era of large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector.

The main advantages that attract users are anonymity, security, high transaction speed and innovativeness of digital currencies. In light of the ever-increasing interest, 55% of Mercuryo network users believe digital currencies are the future of crypto payments.

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