Forbes Is Looking for the Best Fintech Startups
One of the largest media companies of the world Forbes is in search of the most successful startups and projects to make up its Fintech 50 list for the year of 2019. Forbes has been creating this rating for 3 years now. The list consists of the private companies that bring new innovative ideas and technological solutions into the financial sector. This could involve anything: from providing better conditions for taking loans to transforming the cross-border payment systems. The Fintech 50 for 2018 included companies engaged in personal finance, Wall Street affairs, mortgage, lending, blockchain, investment and many others. Last year’s best fintech company was a California-based investment firm Acorne. Now the Forbes team is working on a new updated rating. To do so, they need help from fintech experts or just people interested in this sphere to come up with 50 best nominees. As for the criteria, the Forbes editor mentioned the following:
More than anything, we look for companies making industry-changing innovation. This often means they’re regularly releasing new products or features, or making big strategic improvements—not simply benefitting from products that look largely the same as they did a decade ago.”
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