DEX projects set a record for monthly turnover

In December, DEX projects showed the second highest turnover in history

The total turnover of decentralized exchanges amounted to $23.3 billion. This figure is 36.5% higher than in November. The maximum in 2020 was recorded in September and amounted to $26.3 billion.

The undisputed leaders among DEX projects:

  • Uniswap (54.9%)
  • Sushiswap (13.2%)
  • Curve (10.8%)

And for the first time, SushiSwap came out on top of the Curve.

Spot trading volume on crypto exchanges

In December, it amounted to $379 billion, the highest since January 2018.

The chart below shows the spot volumes of the TOP-20 crypto exchanges. Binance had the largest amount of cash - $219.5 billion, Coinbase - about $45.7 billion.

In 2020, the total turnover of legal crypto exchanges amounted to $1.82 trillion.