CBDC Pilot App Wins Most Downloaded In China

The launch of the official version of the CBDC application for settlements in digital yuan led to a resounding success of the crypto wallet in the Chinese market.

The product entered the TOP-1 in popularity in the Apple App Store, overtaking WeChat, after just 1 day of use. The same success is accompanied by a wallet in the Xiaomi store (Android operating system). The position in the Huawei mobile store is slightly worse, where the CBDC application is in 43rd place.



The application was developed by the PBoC Research Institute. We launched the finished product last week for both Android and iOS. Anyone can download the application. However, you can only use it for payment through authorized service providers.

The wallet can be used to pay for goods and services in several major Chinese cities participating in the e-CNY testing. China plans to launch CBDC payments during the Winter Olympics next month, so there is little time left for the test.

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