BlackRock is interested in crypto investments

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies soared in value at the end of the year. This became the reason for the interest in them from such large investors as BlackRock

The world's largest investment company has decided to hire a VP of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. This specialist will be in charge of evaluating crypto assets and creating strategies for promoting BlackRock in this market.

This interest in cryptocurrencies from the largest institutional investors is the best indicator of the benefits and prospects of investing funds. This is not surprising when you count how much BTC has grown in recent weeks.

The capitalisation of the first cryptocurrency rose to $500 billion. Over the month, the price of Bitcoin has added 50%. Along with it, other cryptocurrencies are growing, especially Ethereum and Litecoin:

  • ETH is up 15% to $700. This is the highest figure since 18.02.2018.
  • LTC has also risen in price by 15% and now costs $130.

For BlackRock, which manages $8 trillion, the increased activity in the cryptocurrency market has not gone unnoticed. This resulted in the publication of a vacancy for a cryptocurrency genius.

We think that the interest from such a large company will serve as a huge advertisement among institutional investors, and the positions of BTC, ETH, and LTC will strengthen even more.