ATM with digital yuan launched AgBank

China's AgBank has added digital yuan capability to its range of ATMs. The pilot project was deployed in Shenzhen.

The launch of the project in Shenzhen is connected with the fact that an office for the implementation of innovations is being created in the city. So adding a digital yuan to ATMs makes sense.

AgBank is one of the four largest banks in China. The rest of the TOP banking institutions are also working on the implementation of the digital yuan, developing their own projects in the field of digital currency.

All actions are taken within the framework of the People's Bank of China initiative. The regulator approves testing and the pilot phase. All of this is clear evidence that China will be the first major country to launch a CBDC.

Remember that the absolute palm in this matter belongs to the Bahamas. The national digital currency “Sand Dollar” was launched here for the first time in the world in October 2020.