19% of the Largest DAX Sold in Malaysia

The largest bank of Malaysia Kenanga did an excellent purchase. With the filing of its manual it will be bought 1/5 part of Tokenize Xchange

Against the background of growing capitalisations and volumes of cryptocurrency trading, buying 19% of the shares of DAX is an excellent solution. Thanks to investments, Kenanga can immerse itself in the cryptosphere and gain invaluable experience.

Why did the bank's choice fall to ToKenize Xchange? There are more than a hundred thousand active clients on the stock exchange. There is a constant flow of funds, which means that there are earning on commissions.

It is also a licensed exchange, launched in 2018. There are only three in Malaysia. So, the purchase is justified and does not carry a risk as the exchange operates in the legal field.

The bank plans to expand its presence in the country's crypto market with the help of the crypto exchange. Malaysians will get more opportunities for safe exchange of cryptocurrencies!

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