1/4 of US investors choose BTC

Analysts at Grayscale Investments conducted a survey among US investors. They were interested in the question of whether they invest in cryptocurrency, how many coins are in their portfolios and how long ago they started investing in cryptocurrency.

The survey was conducted on August 12-20, 2021. It was attended by 1,000 people aged 25 to 64, who made financial investments (not in real estate) in the amount of $ 10,000. However, the results of the poll were only released now.

It turned out that 55% of those surveyed are investors since 2020. Of these, 26% have invested in bitcoins. In addition to Bitcoin, about half of investors invest in Ethereum and Dogecoin.

At the same time, 77% of respondents perceive BTC as an investment asset, and only secondarily think that they can pay for goods and services. Only 20% of respondents consider BTC a means of payment.

Of all those surveyed, 37% of participants said they would not store digital assets for more than a year (they do not plan long-term investments). They are more focused on stock speculation. More than half (55% of respondents) are interested in long-term investments.

Among millennials, 49% plan to invest in cryptocurrencies. Among Gen X and baby boomers, people interested in cryptocurrencies are 37% and 22%, respectively.

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