Financial Losses from Cyber Attacks will Amount to More than $5 Trillion By 2024
According to researchers from Juniper Research, after 5 years, the total damage from cyber attacks will increase by more than 70% and reach an incredible 5 trillion US dollars. Recall that in 2018, this figure amounted to 3 trillion US dollars. But due to technological progress every year, companies will increasingly depend on the digital environment and, therefore, the overall damage will only increase. But not only protection methods improve over time. Analysts warn that in the future, cybercriminals will begin to use artificial intelligence that can independently study security systems. In recent years, AI technology has been actively used to protect against cyber threats. It is important to understand that such an industry as cybersecurity is becoming one of the most important in the modern world. The cost of training employees in this area will also increase by about 8% every year. Experts also noted that IT companies always need to take into account the human factor, since attackers continue to actively use social engineering methods.