Fake Vacation: A Startup from America Helps People to Arrange a Vacation the Envy of Others
Many of us try to look better in the eyes of others than they really are. According to research conducted by staff of Jet Cost website, some people are ready to lie even about their travels. Among more than 4,000 Americans surveyed, 14% of respondents admitted that they had lied about their vacation. About 2/3 of Americans also admitted that they were inventing impressions and other details about their holiday. Thus, people clearly feel the need to parade an ideal life, which may not be true. For example, in 2018, London-based blogger Amelia Liana, who has more than half a million Instagram followers, was criticized for fake photos. In one of the pictures taken at the top of the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, users noticed the lack of a viewing area, which was previously reconstructed. But Liana denied lies to her audience. So that lovers of fake photo get into awkward situations as rarely as possible, Fake A Vacation, a startup from Nebraska, has created a new photo editing service. Thanks to it, those who dream of a luxurious vacation abroad, can "visit" the most famous parts of the world not even stepping over the threshold of the house. Tom Eda, head of marketing and support at Fake A Vacation, told the New York Post that people often have to lie about such trivial things because of the high cost of a real vacation. Clients can get pictures from Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Disneyland. The cost of Fake A Vacation services for a package of edited photos starts at $19. [caption id="attachment_38606" align="alignnone" width="601"] Source: fakeavacation.com[/caption] But, judging by the examples published on Fake A Vacation, the result does not look realistic due to the poor quality and unnaturalness of the finished images. Although in the reviews on the site, some users claim that they managed to fool their friends and acquaintances through Fake A Vacation. It is possible that the reviews are also "fake", as well as photos from the holidays. We want to remind you: https://thecoinshark.net/instagram-might-add-a-lyrics-stickers-feature-to-their-stories/ Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/