Facebook Will Partially Limit Targeting Options for Advertisers

Now advertisers will not be able to limit the spread of their own ads to individual users, sorting them by gender, age or zip code.

Facebook representatives have recently announced this innovation. These rules will work in the following sections:

  • the property;
  • job;
  • mortgage credit lending.

The company had to take this step because of recent discrimination charges. Recall that a year ago, the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) filed a collective court action against Facebook. The main complaint was the promotion of discrimination policies. That is if a person lives in a certain “disadvantaged” area, then most likely he cannot work in a certain position or afford to buy more expensive real estate. The same goes for gender and age.

As a result of the trial, Facebook was obliged to correct the settings of targeted advertising in the above sections, as well as to pay a monetary compensation of $5 million to the “injured party”.

These changes in Facebook will come into force at the end of this year.

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