Facebook Launches a Dating Service
Facebook has launched a new dating service, it will be available only in North and South America, Southeast Asia, and will come to Europe in early 2020, the company said. The new service is called Facebook Dating. The new application is now available in 20 countries (USA, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Vietnam, Guyana, Laos, Canada, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, Philippines, Chile, Ecuador), and it will be available for Europeans by the beginning of 2020. According to Facebook, the application is available in the latest version of the social network for users over 18 years of age. The profile on the dating site and the main profile of the social network will work separately, while the social network will offer you potential “soulmates” of those who are also present on Facebook Dating. The social network notes that the analysis of user data gives a “more truthful picture” about each person, so you will be able to find out more about your potential partner even before you contact him. In addition to data from Facebook, the dating platform will integrate user posts from their Instagram. The company said that after the system proposes candidates, then it’s up to the users.