Facebook Is Looking For More Specialists for Its Blockchain Department

Despite all the obvious evidence, the cryptocurrency of Facebook is still technically a rumor, since no official acknowledgments or statements have been made so far. Meanwhile, the blockchain department of this social platform is a solid fact, it expands and requires more employees.

Facebook listed a new vacancy on their official site and is now accepting resumes for the position.

Facebook seeks a flexible, diligent, proactive, team player to serve as Lead Commercial Counsel to support its new initiative in the development of blockchain applications,” is mentioned in the official job application.

The responsibilities and requirements for the new employee will include the following tasks:

  • creating and holding discussions over different contracts connected with the blockchain initiatives of the department;
  • forming new partnerships in order to expand and develop the products of the department;
  • providing business and legal advice to the customers;
  • going to business trips if needed;
  • good management skills;
  • responsibility, diligence, the ability to meet deadlines.

The employee is expected to have a degree in law, experience with the blockchain technology, negotiations over contracts, legal expertise skills, transaction management skills, work experience for technological companies etc.

The blockchain department of Facebook is quickly growing and developing. It might or might not be connected with the alleged development of the Facebook cryptocurrency, but it is obvious that the social media giant is working on something really big and important.

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