Experts Discover Privacy Problem in Lightning Network

A group of experts from universities in Luxembourg and Norway found a vulnerability in the Lightning Network. By attacking the Lightning blockchain, hackers will be able to obtain information about the balance of the nodes through which the transaction passed.

The developer of the payment protocol Lightning Network Ren Pickhardt and four other researchers conducted transactions through intermediate nodes of the network in order to analyze the transmission channels of bitcoins and obtain information on the balance of these nodes.

When using the protocol, transactions can occur not only directly between wallets but also through third parties. During the experiment, to determine the balance of the nodes, a lot of transactions were used that were rejected by the network due to lack of funds or an incorrect hash.

To solve this vulnerability, the researchers proposed several options. True, they noted that all of them are a compromise between network efficiency and confidentiality.

The Lightning Network is one of the most successful projects that should solve the problem of scalability of Bitcoin. At the moment, 900 Bitcoins are frozen in the Lightning Network, there are 11 thousand nodes and 36 thousand payment channels.

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