SHIB was listed on Kraken

The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency was added to the Kraken exchange on Monday. This made an army of SHIB fans happy.

Rumors about the listing appeared a long time ago, and many were looking forward to the start of trading. After all, each listing takes cryptocurrency to a new level, expanding the possibilities for coin trading.

Cryptosphere users are well aware of this, so the news of the addition of SHIB to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange caused a real storm on social networks.

This happened on Monday after the exchange opened deposits in SHIB. Investors have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies in currency pairs with the dollar and euro.

Opening orders have a minimum. You cannot buy or sell less than 50 thousand SHIB. In dollar terms, this amount is $ 2.45. Cryptocurrency margin trading has not yet been launched. However, the news stimulated a rise in the price of SHIB tokens.

Interest in the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is fueled by the fact that it is a competitor to Dogecoin. Both cryptocurrencies are meme coins, however, the rapid growth of SHIB in 2021 was a real sensation.

Many who invested in tokens in 2020 have received multi-thousand incomes. Some have even become billionaires. This happened to one small cryptocurrency buyer who spent about $ 8,000 on SHIB in 2020.

He abandoned his wallet as there was not much benefit. There were no successful transactions for two years, and in 2021 it turned out that he had $ 5.4 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in his account. The investor, who wished to remain anonymous, sold some of them in the bull market.

Others, on the other hand, buy SHIB. For example, one ETH cryptocurrency whale recently invested $ 1 million in the purchase of meme tokens. You can also purchase Shiba Inu on the Kraken exchange. Remember, this is a volatile financial asset. Be attentive and careful.

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