Rumors: Coinbase Is About To Enter The Stock Market

It became known recently, that Coinbase, the largest crypto company in the United States, is beginning to prepare to issue its own shares in the traditional market.

IPO or direct listing?

As authoritative crypto news reports, this event may well take place before the end of this year. Although according to some sources, Coinbase is not going to carry out a classic IPO but wants to enter the market using the direct listing.

What is direct listing?

In simple words, direct listing implies that stockholders will be able to immediately trade their assets, without a period of blocking as with an IPO. But it is important to understand that this method does not involve raising new funds.

Estimated Coinbase Capitalization

Recall that in the fall of 2018, at the end of the extreme round of financing, Coinbase was estimated at $8 billion.