Kraken will focus on the UK and Australia

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has undergone many positive changes in 2020. This trend continues this year. At the beginning of the year, the exchange added as many as 26 trading pairs with cryptocurrencies of interest to residents of the UK and Australia

Currently, the number of currency pairs traded on the exchange has doubled due to the addition of positions with the British pounds sterling (GBP) and the Australian dollar (AUD). This information is published in the exchange press release.

It says that Kraken has assessed the prospects for expansion and the scale of the markets. Due to the fact that institutional investors give up part of traditional assets, making investments in cryptocurrency.

To ensure the convenience of working with digital money and the security of transactions, it was decided to expand.

The news of this caused a positive response from the crypto community using the above fiat currencies. With Kraken, they gain access to the "fastest growing segments" of the financial industry.

The choice in favor of Great Britain and Australia is not accidental. The British are active users of cryptocurrencies. There is an active client base for crypto staking here. The Australian market is also rapidly gaining momentum. This has been visible since mid-summer 2020. Therefore, Kraken's decision is fully justified.