How to save on exchanging Satoshi for USD?

Cryptocurrencies are the revolutionary technology of the decade. With their help, cross-border payments are made quickly and safely, anonymous and unchanged records are made in the blockchain.

Digital assets have found application in logistics, management, law, banking and many other areas. They invest in them, use them to pay for goods and services, receive passive income, exchange Satoshi for USD and other operations.

At the time of this writing, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is $2.1 trillion. $1.2 trillion of these is accounted for by altcoins. There are over 8.1 thousand of them registered on CoinMarketCap. Given this variety, the issue of safe and convenient exchange of cryptocurrencies is very acute.

The main problem faced by users is the lack of the necessary currency pairs and the possibility of withdrawing to fiat on many top exchanges. Therefore, the majority regularly resort to the help of crypto exchangers.

What is a crypto exchanger

This is a resource that contains the necessary liquidity and provides an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for other assets.

The advantages of this exchange are:

  • Simplicity. You do not have to register on the site by making an exchange.
  • Safety. In most cases, applications are processed automatically, which eliminates the human factor.
  • Anonymity. Exchanger sites do not require a KYC check. Therefore, you can provide the minimum data required to fill out the application. Usually this is your full name, email, contact phone number.
  • Accumulative bonuses. If you regularly use the same exchanger, you can get a good cashback.

The cryptocurrency exchange operation takes on average 10-20 minutes and takes place after 12 blockchain confirmations. The main task is to find a profitable course.

This can be done on the site-aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges. We recommend It is the most popular aggregator with the best exchange rates for the 20 most popular destinations.



The site provides information on dozens of resources where fiat and digital assets are exchanged. Also available:

  • filtering by exchange rate, site rating;
  • important statistics (for example, available reserves and daily fluctuations in the selected currency pair);
  • real user reviews and data on exchangers (age and country of jurisdiction of the resource);
  • the ability to order a notification by email when the rate you are interested in is noticed on one of the exchange resources.

Based on this information, you can easily choose a profitable and reliable cryptocurrency exchanger.

How to use the aggregator

Go to the main page of, select the exchange direction. Digital currencies, crypto exchange accounts, fiat destinations (debit and credit cards, bank accounts) and cash are available.

Automatic search will filter out the resources with the most profitable rate. You can choose one of them based on reviews and available reserves. For convenience, if you need to exchange a certain amount, there is a cryptocurrency calculator on the site.

Use the aggregator regularly to save money. With this resource, your cryptocurrency exchange will become easier and faster! You can get more information here.

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The article has an informational character, reflects the opinion of the author. Before you make a decision, analyze the market situation.