Exchanges and their features

Binance is the most popular and most liquid exchange, convenient for low and medium banks, many events, p2p withdrawals and deposits, many fiat currencies.

At the moment, it is actively integrating into financial institutions of different countries, especially beloved CIS countries and regulatory structures of various countries, often blocking accounts until the circumstances are clarified and to prove the legality of the funds. 

By and large, Binance is turning into an ordinary Russian cryptocurrency bank with all the consequences. It is recommended to use it with amounts up to 5-10k dollars, and if you start to enter the crypt now, it is better to find something else, or just use it as an intermediate point, but not the final one. is quite a good exchange for mid-high banks, there is an opportunity to earn on USDT through the Startup tab, good liquidity and a huge number of both old and new coins.

According to user reviews, the best exchange that does not make problems, it is enough to pass verification (it is mandatory here) and no more problems, the exchange does not seem to cooperate with regulators, accounts do not ban just like that, another advantage is that USDT TRC20 transfers are commission-free .

KuCoin is a great exchange for all banks, no advanced verification required, good liquidity and plenty of coins.

The Kucoin exchange is almost perfect, there are no problems with verification and blocking, there is Lending where you can stake USDT at a good percentage, there is a margin and everything a user needs.

FTX - as well as the two previous ones, it has its own nuances, but it doesn’t really differ much, mandatory verification, there are problems with account blocking.

In general, not everything is simple. If FTX is so necessary for you, then it is quite possible to use it.

Many exchanges have lost many regular customers due to poor service quality and have suffered material losses due to image losses.

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