Cost to start a crypto exchange business

Buying and HODLing crypto is not the only way investors can make revenue. Crypto is the equivalent of the era, where there is a lot of demand from all sectors for products to enter the market as soon as possible, offering new solutions for clients.

A cryptocurrency exchange is one of the fastest ways to make money and become an active part of the ever-growing ecosystem. Data shows that there are over 308 spot crypto exchanges with a total trading volume of $258 billion in the past 24 hours.

Investors that consider building their own exchange have to choose between the three available options. They can opt to build an exchange from scratch, white-label it, or pick a bespoke solution.

Exchange from scratch

Building an exchange from scratch allows investors to have complete control over their product; however, they are time-consuming and require a bigger budget than usual. The cost of building your own exchange is higher than the other examples because they require investment in developing a matching engine, trading platform, a liquidity aggregator, and a lot of time debugging. 

Security risks are a major component that should not be overlooked because it hinders a project’s future success.

White label crypto exchange

white-label crypto exchange is a better solution for those who want to go to market sooner than their competitors. A white-label resolution offers a faster turnaround for complex components while decreasing costs and minimizing risks as an off-the-shelf product is proven and faster to get to market.

Bespoke crypto exchange

Finally, a bespoke solution brings the best of both worlds. The pricing is between the white-label and the custom exchange development; however, the end product is adapted to meet the investor's needs. Thus, a developer ultimately pays for the unique experience it wants to deliver to its customers while decreasing the development time, saving time, resources, and energy.


If you want to start a crypto exchange, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Crypto exchange solutions are available for every budget; however, investors need to assess whether they have the necessary financial resources to support product development and whether they can take on financial risks before getting the product to market. 

Cost to start a crypto exchange business

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