CoinMarketCap Does not Track the Price of Bitcoin from South Korean Exchanges

The CoinMarketCap website has stopped taking into account BTC prices on Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit and some other exchanges. The reason for the exclusion is simple

According to the representative of CoinMarketCap, on The South Korean exchanges, due to the regulatory restrictions, the price of Bitcoin is higher by 6% than on other exchanges. If the situation stabilises, the South Korean analyst will again be added to the world data.

Recall that the previous time when South Korean exchanges were temporarily excluded from tracking, it was in 2018. Subsequently, the tracking of the price of Bitcoin on the exchanges was restored. We think the same thing will happen this time.

By the way, CoinMarketCap noted that only the price of Bitcoin was removed from the tracking. The remaining cryptocurrency assets are still valued based on data from South Korea.

The situation with Bitcoin in South Korea remains difficult. Despite this, the volume of transactions with Bitcoins in March became higher than the number of money transfers on the country's stock market.

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