Coincheck Hacked Again

Representatives of the crypto exchange Coincheck, operating in the Japanese market, reported a leak of personal data of users.

Personal data of 200 people

Attackers got personal information about users of the site. We are talking about email, name, date of birth, and even selfies. From the information provided by Coincheck, 200 users of the crypto platform were affected as a result of the hacking.

Coincheck Reacts

According to official information, the hacker fraudulently gained access to the domain registration service, thus, he got access to users` email addresses.

To avoid financial losses, Coincheck employees changed the registration information of the affected customers right after the incident.

Big hack in 2018

Note, the Coincheck crypto exchange has already become a victim of major hacker attacks in the past. Recall, in 2018, about 500 million US dollars in the NEM cryptocurrency were stolen from the Japanese site.

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